Doyin David of BBNaija All-Stars, has thanked everyone on her Instagram story for keeping her in the public eye and for their support.

She said she was aware of the offensive comments that had been made about her during the year and thanked the trolls for keeping her name prominent.

The reality star understood that even though their criticism was uninvited, it helped to influence conversations about her and establish her as a significant figure in public discourse.

Doyin expressed her gratitude to the trolls for diverting their focus from her life. She emphasized how their conversation fueled the fervor over the nickname “Doyin David.”

She went on to say that she was thankful that they were a “bunch of fools.” Doyin suggested raising a glass to greater “foolishness” and unsolicited opinions in the next year.

“How can I forget the trolls…. Your unsolicited opinions created a lot of talk around the name ‘Doyin David.’

“I’m grateful to you guys for neglecting your lives to focus on mine.

“Thank you for being a bunch of facts.

“Cheers to more unsolicited opinions and foolishness in the coming year.

“It’s all love,” Doyin wrote.

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I’m Grateful To You For Neglecting Your Lives To Focus On Mine – Doyin To Trolls