A 24-year-old housewife, Hafsat Surajo, has been sent to jail by a Kano Chief Magistrates’ Court for allegedly stabbing her househelp, Nafiu Hafizu, to death.

She’s facing charges for trying to commit suicide and causing someone’s death.

The court ordered Hafsat’s detention and set the next court date for February 1, 2024.

The prosecutor said she tried to kill herself using a knife and accidentally stabbed Nafiu, leading to his death.

Hafsat admitted to trying to kill herself but denied intentionally killing Nafiu. Her actions go against the law according to the Penal Code.

Additionally, her husband and two others were also taken to court for hiding the truth about Nafiu’s death.

They’re accused of lying about the cause of death, saying it was due to a surgery complication when it wasn’t.

The defendants denied the accusations. The court remanded them in custody and set the next hearing for January 8, 2024.